2021-22 Caleb Greenwood Yearbook


The 2021-22 Caleb Greenwood Yearbook is NOW ON SALE! $30 each!! 


No early bird specials this year. Just one flat rate! Online purchases only. The goal is to sell 220 yearbooks! All the proceeds will go towards the production of theyearbook and our PTSO. 


Visit: https://tinyurl.com/calebgreenwoodyearbook



You can personalize the yearbook when you order online. 

Visit: https://tinyurl.com/calebgreenwoodyearbook

Cost: Child’s name: $5 – Icons $1.00 each (4 icons max)


Student Recognition Ads

You can also purchase & design your own Student Recognition Ad which will appear in a special section in the yearbook.

Visit: https://tinyurl.com/calebgreenwoodyearbook

1/2 Page Ad = $50

1/4 Page Ad = $25

1/8 Page Ad = $1

Deadline to Place Ad: Thursday, Feb. 10, 2022

If you have any questions, please contact CG’s Yearbook Advisor Ana Salcedo: calebgreenwoodyearbook@gmail.com