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Chronicle Weekly, Shortened Schedule, and Vote Needed!
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Caleb Greenwood Needs Your Vote!
Caleb Greenwood’s Leaders in Action recently participated in an art challenge in hopes of raising money for our school’s garden programs. The students took part in the Made by Milk carton art contest. This year’s theme was Sports. Many of the students recently explored how indigenous people organized their communities based on their environment in their IB Unit How We Organize Ourselves. They decided to extend their studies by creating a piece that relates to their learning. Students emptied, rinsed, and deconstructed almost 300 milk cartons they collected during school lunches to create an artistic rendering of a Native American game called Hoop and Pole. Please vote for the Caleb Greenwood Hoop and Pole art piece as People’s Choice Award by following the link below!
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Shortened Day Schedule: November 30-December 8

Shortened Day Schedule
Kinder 7:55am-11:30am
1st-3rd 8:00am-12:10pm
4th-6th 8:00am-12:19pm
Optional lunch until 12:40pm


Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences: November 30-December 8
Student-led parent-teacher conferences are scheduled begin tomorrow! These conferences are STUDENT-LED, which means your child must attend with you. If you need to reschedule, please contact your child’s teacher ASAP.


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