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Handbook And Wellness Policy

The Caleb Greenwood handbook is a great resource for parents.  This document is a complete overview of information from all aspects of our school.

Wellness Policy
Because we value the health and wellness of our students at Caleb Greenwood, a Wellness Committee was formed to create a wellness policy for our school that would establish a healthy and nurturing learning environment for all students. Our policy has continued to be updated based on feedback from parents, students, and teachers, and now includes the eight components of Coordinated School Health required by the state of California. These components of the Caleb Greenwood Wellness Policy have been developed in accordance with Sacramento City Unified Board of Education Policy on Student Wellness (BP 5030) and the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act passed in 2010. We welcome your input on this policy, and we thank you in supporting our school-wide efforts to promote health and wellness.

Download this document by click the link on page.

Cell Phone Policy
Friendly reminder to parents and students that we have a strict cell phone/tablet policy in effect during school hours. The full policy can be found in our handbook, but here are the highlights: All student devices must remain in students’ backpacks during school hours and turned off unless given permission by a staff member to use in an emergency. Cell phones and tablets are not allowed at recess. If a device is seen by a staff member during these hours, it will be taken to the office and may be picked up after school on the first offense. If a device is taken for the second time, a parent must pick it up. If a third offense occurs, the device will be confiscated for the remainder of the school year. If parents wish to leave a
message for a student during the school day, they should call the school
office. Cell phones and tablets may NOT be used to take pictures on campus; this will result in immediate confiscation.