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4th R After School Care

Caleb Greenwood’s Before and After-School programs support and enrich our school’s students, developing their talents and enhancing what they learn each day in school. 

Located on the Caleb Greenwood Elementary School Campus
5457 Carlson Drive,  Sacramento CA 95819
The closest cross street to Caleb Greenwood is
J Street & Carlson

Hey, Hey, what do you say, come enroll at Caleb  4th “R” today!  We believe that school-age child care should be a combination of stimulating activities and recreational opportunities. The uniqueness of our site is that we separate our children in age appropriate groups.   This will enhance cognitive, emotional, and social development. Our program provides daily structure that is supervised by our qualified and well trained staff. During the school year, our educational and recreational based curriculum offers science/discovery, math, language/literacy, health/safety, music/movement, outdoor structured games, arts/crafts and dramatic play.

Phone: (916) 277-6185
Program Coordinator: Mandi Sittarich
Hours of operation: 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

License #: 340310094

5457 Carlson Drive, Sacramento CA 95819
(916) 277-6185
General information

Other Fun After School Programs
See what else is happening after school

Take a look at all the fun that is happening after school at Caleb Greenwood.  We have many after school programs that your child can join to extend their knowledge and round their education.  These programs are at an extra cost but they are more than worth the price.  And if you have a child currently enrolled in 4th R, they will coordinate with the after school program to make sure your child safely gets to the program of their choice.