Fundraising Programs

Box Tops


Keep collecting those Box Tops! Each teacher has a collection envelop in their classroom and our collection committee submits them all. You can find them on items like Cheerios, Kleenex and Fruit Roll-Ups.

Caleb Greenwood PTSO utilizes the money earned from Box Tops for Education to fund programs such as art, music and field trips. 

How to help Caleb Greenwood raise money


Here are a handful of ways you can raise funds for our school while going about your daily activities and without spending any additional money!

All that is required of you is to register with participating companies and then spend as you normally would. The companies give a percentage of your spending back to Caleb Greenwood. It’s that simple and it works!

Please participate. Encourage friends and family to participate. By the end of the year, each family will have contributed a few hundred dollars without giving up any extra time or money!



e-script is a simple way to give money to Caleb Greenwood through a money back program.  Just register your grocery, debit or credit card online and every time you use one of your registered cards Caleb Greenwood Elementary gets between 1-12% money back.

Both Savemart and the Sac Food Co-op participate in e-scrip, just provide your registered phone number or card at checkout to earn Caleb up to 3%!

 You can find out what other local businesses support escrip and register at