Caleb Cougars Take Action

Sacramento Loaves and Fishes Breakfast Program
November 9, 2023 


Caleb Cougars Take Action on November 9, 2023 

We are two weeks away from our first opportunity of the year to participate in the Sacramento Loaves and Fishes Breakfast Program!

This is a local nonprofit that offers a daily breakfast program where guests experiencing homelessness or food insecurity can gather for breakfast and coffee. Our school community will provide the food, fill and serve the breakfast bags at Loaves and Fishes on Thursday, November 9, 2023. Intermediate students can help make sandwiches on campus on November 8, 2023 during lunchtime.  

You can help by donating food, helping to serve breakfast or both!

To participate, please sign up: Loaves and Fishes Sign Up Genius

Learn more about Sacramento Loaves and Fishes: Sac Loaves

Thank you for your CARING and KIND ACTION!