22-23 Kelvin Culture/Climate Pulse Survey Notification

E-mail blast

Dear Sac City Unified Families,

In order to learn more about student experiences in Sacramento City Unified School District, SCUSD is partnering with Kelvin Education this year to conduct district-wide student surveys for children in grades 3rd thru 12th. Through these surveys, SCUSD will gain valuable information about the social-emotional needs of our students and the climate and culture of our schools. The results of these surveys help inform both school-based and district-wide initiatives to support the social and emotional health of our school communities.

Kelvin Education is a leader in the field of education data collection and analysis. Their surveys have been used by school districts across the country. The use of Kelvin Education’s research validated survey instruments and data management platform will provide us with comprehensive, user-friendly reports to inform programming to improve school climate and culture, students’ social emotional learning, and student engagement.

The survey gathers information on the following:

Student Engagement: How involved are students with their schools?

Social-Emotional Learning: How do students perceive their development of social-emotional skills like self-management and resilience?

School Climate: How do you see the overall social and learning climate of the school?

How will students take the Kelvin Education survey?

When: The survey will be administered between February 6th thru February 17th and again on May 15th thru May 26th. 

How: The Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment is a Federal Law that requires us to notify parents ahead of time about the survey and give them the opportunity to review it in advance so they can let us know if they do not want their child to take part. A copy of the survey can be provided upon request. The deadline to opt-out on behalf of the student is January 27th.  Click here to opt-out or scan the QR code. 

We appreciate your time and attention to this, as well as your support as we look to understand the climate in our schools and how we can best benefit our students’ social and emotional health.

If you have any questions about the survey, please don’t hesitate to contact:

Danny Rolleri
Director Professional Learning Culture/Climate and SEL