Cougar Chronicle
Weekly Newsletter- Oct. 23 2019

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Flag Football v Washington: TODAY @ 5pm

Games are at Hiram Johnson High School on the back fields off Redding Avenue. Come out to support our team with your friends & family!

Jogathon Success: NO HOMEWORK for one week!

Thank you to all of you who participated in the 2019 Jogathon. The Jogathon was a huge success and the day was filled with fun, exercise, and a phenomenal display of school pride by the students and parents. We are pleased to announce we raised $41,453! Not only is this money critical to the IB enrichments such as Spanish, Art, Music and Library, but this means we met our goal and we earned NO HOMEWORK FOR ONE WEEK November 18-22. We are so thankful to all of you that donated, volunteered, sponsored, or played any part in the success of the 2019 jogathon. Be sure to join us on November 1 for the assemblies at which we will raffle off prizes and award classes and individuals for most money raised and laps jogged! Primary assembly is at 8:15 and intermediate at 9:15.

Fall Festival: Friday, October 25, 5-7:30pm

Bring your family and friends to enjoy carnival games, hay rides, bounce houses and other activities. Costumes encouraged! The scarecrow contest is back, so sign up with your family to create the best scarecrow in River Park!

We still need volunteers, so please sign up for a half hour time slot with your child’s teacher to work the event or help with clean-up. Everyone is encouraged to make a cakewalk donation. Wristbands and tickets are on sale this week in front of the cafeteria, before and after school, and during the event. Bring your appetite – food available for purchase includes pizza, BBQ and treats!

Art to Remember

Look out for this year’s Art To Remember order form in this week’s Wednesday folder. We are highly encouraging online ordering again this year which will allow you to create lasting memories with just a few clicks! This is a great way to get a jump start on your holiday shopping with personalized gifts made with your child’s artwork, while also contributing to our fundraising efforts! Forty percent of the profit on each item comes back to Caleb. There is no minimum order and delivery is free to the school before the winter holidays. Want to use a different piece of artwork by your child? You can upload new photos to the Art to Remember web site and order from there. If you can’t find your child’s order code, text their first and last name and teacher’s name to 916-790-0992 and the code will be sent to you ASAP.

Halloween Reminder

Please remembers that at Caleb Greenwood, we do our best to keep the focus on academics and to keep our students healthy while you enjoy the holiday with your families. Here’s a refresher on our Halloween policies:

Costumes are allowed at school only at the Fall Festival on Friday,

October 25, 5pm-7:30pm.

Students do not wear costumes during the school day at any time for


Candy, other food, and non-food items will not be distributed at school

for Halloween. If your child brings this type of item for distribution to the class, it will be sent home without being distributed. Please do not put teachers in the position of having to send these items home with the child who brought them.


October Learner Profile and Action Focus:

Thinker Lifestyle Choices

Being a Thinker allows you to use critical and creative thinking skills to analyze and take responsible action on complex problems. Thinkers weigh facts and opinions when gaining new knowledge and make reasoned, ethical decisions. This discriminate thought and reflection may result in Action in the form of a Lifestyle Choice — it may Impact your decision to take the elevator or stairs in pursuit of healthier living; it may change what you buy or the businesses you frequent; it might have you take a closer look at your news sources; it may even change the way you to get to work! Think about issues and problems from many angles, considering facts and opinions, as well as alternative solutions, when making choices that impact your day-to-day life.

Thinker Lifestyle Choice Action Challenge:

Trash on Your Back!

One of our intermediate students was recently inspired by the Trash on Your Back Challenge. He even created his own challenge for his family. He set- up tally sheets by the light switches in his home and also by the trash can. He asked his family to mark the tally sheet when a light was left on and also mark what kind of trash they threw away. At the end of the week, he tallied the results and spoke with his family about how to reduce trash and energy waste in their- day-to- day activities and choices.

Way to be a THINKER and take ACTION with your LIFESTYLE CHOICES!

Reflecting on the Learner Profile

Portfolio Days!

Last week and this week, students will visit their last year’s teachers to pick up their IB PYP Portfolios and bring them to their current classrooms. These portfolios travel with students grade-level-to- grade-level throughout their time here at Caleb Greenwood. We use these portfolios to show reflection and growth around the IB learner profile and other elements of our IB Primary Years Program. Be looking to hear about your child’s learner profile goals this year at student-led conferences coming up at the end of November!