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Hello Caleb Cougars! 

Our new IB learner profile attribute focus for November is Inquirer, and our Action focus is Participation. Being an Inquirer means nurturing our curiosity by developing skills for inquiry and research. It means we learn with enthusiasm and sustain our love of learning throughout life. This idea of curiosity and enthusiasm may result in Action in the form of Participation – learning about a problem or a cause may propel you to learn more by participating in a class or learning opportunity; or it may move you to search out an activity to show your support; or it may even drive you to become part of a group who shares your same passion! Talk with your family about what issues and topics are important to you all. Then do some research together and inquire about ways to Take Action through Participation! Also, check out this coming week’s IB PYP NEWS! to learn about some of our own Caleb Cougars who were Inquirers and took Action through Participation to help animals in our community!

Our sixth graders have been busy preparing for the first annual Fall into IB celebration. Here is what the sixth grade student communication committee would like you to know about this Harvest Festival Fun:

Attention parents! On Friday, November 5th, the students at Caleb Greenwood will participate in Fall Into IB, a new IB themed celebration. Kids will enjoy fall-themed activities throughout the day, such as mirror bean-bag toss, harvest-your-knowledge, plinko trivia, and much, much more! Sixth graders have made games based on the IB learner profile attributes. It will be during the school day (unlike previous Fall Festivals)  because COVID-19 is still around and we need kids to be safe, but your kids will still get the full, fun Fall Into IB experience!