Important Information from Mrs. Trent

E-mail blast

Dear Caleb Community,

As part of ongoing efforts to provide a safe and secure campus, February is a good time to remind the community of protocols and procedures around medication to keep our students and our staff safe. This past week, one of the yard duties discovered medication on the field – I immediately took the medication to the Sacramento Police Department Headquarters, where I met with an officer and filed an official report. As a principal, I believe that it is critical to safeguard our kids. Our Sacramento City Safety Officer, Howard Berry, has been in close communication with our campus about larger safety protocols and will be visiting tomorrow to discuss this topic.

Please help us remind students that if they see any medication or paraphernalia on campus, to alert an adult immediately. We practice “Tell, don’t touch!” at school to ensure students do not come into contact with anything potentially dangerous. With a national increase in illicit drug distribution, it is imperative that our school community stays vigilant. You can use this link from SCUSD’s Health Services Division to stay informed and read tips on how to communicate with your children regarding these important safety measures. 

I know that many of our students may rely on doctor prescribed medication. If your child needs to take medication during the school day, parents and/or guardians must have your child’s doctor fill out the Medication Authorization Form. It can be found on our school’s website. If your child is no longer taking the medication, a parent/guardian must pick up the remainder of the medication from the office. Students should not bring medication to school unless the Medical Authorization Form has been turned into the office. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Main Office at 916-395-4515.

Campus safety is a priority, and the Caleb staff continue to work closely with the District and leadership to keep our students safe. I appreciate your support in this collaborative effort.

In partnership,

Principal Trent