Message from Mrs. Hanson

E-mail blast



Good evening, Caleb families,


I hope you are all staying healthy, both in body and mind, during these unusual times. As I shared with you last week, district and labor leaders are working together to develop distance learning plans that will meet the varied needs of students across our district. As the next phase of the process begins, teachers will be connecting with every family via phone to better understand your educational and technology needs during this time. Please respond to their calls as soon as possible so we can collect the information needed to move forward with providing equitable distance learning opportunities for all children.


Please continue to be patient as we continue to work toward a cohesive, inclusive distance learning plan and be sure to take advantage of the free learning resources that have been provided by the district as well as frequently checking our Caleb Facebook and Instagram feeds and Google Classroom for new ideas this week. 


I will keep doing Sunday Calls for the duration of the school closure, but have been sending out more frequent information via Infinite Campus and website email blasts. If you haven’t been receiving those messages, please visit the Caleb Greenwood website and sign-up for the Email Blast. And please feel free to email me anytime with any questions or thoughts at 


While March feels like the longest month ever right now, it does give us an opportunity to continue focusing on our IB Learner attribute Caring. If your homes are like mine, it’s not always easy to be caring, even under the best of circumstances, and harder even now. Please use our attribute Caring to start a family conversation about how you’re all doing with our altered lives and rapidly changing circumstances. Some questions to consider: Which parts of this are the hardest for each of you? Which parts do you like? When is it hardest for you to be caring? Why is it hard? What do you need right now to feel better and to be more caring toward yourself and others? What ways can you be caring toward those outside your physical distance boundaries, such as neighbors, friends in need, and extended family?  


I hope you all are staying healthy and as happy as can be. On behalf of the entire Caleb staff, I can tell you that we all miss you and look forward to connecting more with you this week. 


Take care and please keep doing your part to keep us all healthy!

-Mrs. Hanson




Erin Hanson

Principal, Caleb Greenwood Elementary School

An International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program World School