Student Belonging Distribution

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This week, teachers and staff have been clearing student desks and classrooms and preparing personal belongings and school work completed prior to the closure for distribution to families the week of June 8-11. 


In order to keep both our staff and families safe, it is critical that you carefully read and adhere to the schedule and guidelines below. We know this is not ideal, but we appreciate your understanding and cooperation to keep both our staff and families safe during this distribution. Please know that every appropriate precaution will be taken by staff to follow safety guidelines with regards to social distancing, personal protective equipment, and symptom checking.


Student Belonging Distribution Schedule

Schedule is based on student LAST NAME. Only belongings from the class listed will be available during this pick-up time. If you’d like to pick up sibling belongings in one visit, please plan to come during one of the make-up distribution dates listed below.


Monday, June 8

Fifth Grade A-M         9:30-10:15 

Fifth Grade N-Z         10:15-11:00 

First Grade A-M         1:00-1:45 

First Grade N-Z         1:45-2:30 


Tuesday, June 9

Second Grade A-M      9:30-10:15 

Second Grade N-Z      10:15-11:00 

Third Grade A-M         1:00-1:45 

Third Grade N-Z         1:45-2:30


Wednesday, June 10

Sixth Grade A-M         10:00-11:00 

Sixth Grade N-Z          11:00-12:00 

Fourth Grade (Sym-Rose)        1:00-1:45 

Fourth Grade (Mercado)          1:45-2:30


Thursday, June 11

Make-Up Distribution      9am-12pm

Kinder A-M        1:00-1:45 

Kinder N-Z       1:45-2:30


Friday, June 12      

Make-Up Distribution       9am-12pm

***Make-Up Distribution by Office Staff: Front Lobby – Adults Only***



Please carefully read next page for distribution guidelines.



Student Belonging Distribution Guidelines

·            Stay home if you or any family member is sick with symptoms consistent with COVID-19.

·            We strongly encourage you to arrive in a VEHICLE in order to ensure social distancing and safety precautions are followed.


·            Distribution will take place on the blacktop. See map ( Click For Map) for directions about how to approach, line up, enter and exit the drive-thru distribution.

·            Please bring your library books!

·            Do not bring Chromebooks, we are not collecting them at this time.

·            Your teacher or another staff member will bring your belongings to your vehicle and hand them to you through the passenger side window. 

·            You will then follow the cones to turn around and exit onto Camellia where you will make a right turn to leave campus.

·            Vehicles must remain six feet apart and only have members from the same household.

·            Student belongings will only be available during your grade level’s scheduled window or during the make-up times listed above; please do not arrive outside of that window as we will not be able to provide you with your belongings. 

·            If you choose to walk or bike, there will be a walk-up station outside the Camellia gate, with distribution by a classified staff member. Your best option to see your child’s teacher (from a safe distance of course) is to drive in a vehicle. 

·            If you would like to pick up sibling belongings together, we recommend picking up from the front lobby on one of the make-up days. Teachers will not be present on make-up days.



Erin Hanson

Principal, Caleb Greenwood Elementary School

An International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program World School