Caleb Action Center Fundraiser Update
May 20, 2021


Hello Fellow Caleb Parents,

As most of you know, typically at this time of year, we would gather to support and raise money for our beloved school at our annual auction. Given the circumstances, the PTSO decided in lieu of the auction to hold a fundraiser to help bring to life a vision Kelly Cordero, our truly incredible IB Coordinator, has for our school as part of our ongoing IB certification process. 

One of the reasons that Caleb is a special school is our IB status — which our teachers, staff, leadership, and volunteers work towards every year. While many of us are concerned with today and with what the fall will look like, our school leadership has to also stay focused on our long-term goals. The Caleb Greenwood Action Center goal is critical to our long-term strategic plan as a school and community.  

The Caleb Greenwood Action Center fundraiser will transform our current library into a bigger, better hub of inquiry and learning. As part of this, students will have regular library times plus extended, flexible times for student inquiry and lunchtime library programming, as well as committees, clubs, etc. 

Ultimately, your donation will provide an Action Center that aligns us with IB standards. When fully funded, it will include new IB Learner Profile and culturally responsive book collections, flexible furniture, outside learning space equipment, and updated technology, like new education stations and an interactive smartboard. Check the link for more information! 

Now we would like to respectfully ask for your support. This is a soft ask — we know that it has been a difficult year for our community. We are aiming for $20,000 so that the Action Center is ready for students when they return to campus next year. If you’re able please support this cause. This fundraiser will close at the end of this school year. 

I hope that this answers some of the questions that we have fielded! To learn more or donate, please visit the Caleb Greenwood Action Center fundraising page.

Thank you from your Caleb Greenwood PTSO