Community Announcement from Mrs. Hanson
August 5, 2021


Dear Caleb Greenwood Families,

At this evening’s Board of Education meeting, I was selected as SCUSD’s new Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction. Like we teach our students, we must act when we feel and see the need. As much as I love our Caleb community, I also know that it’s time to expand my efforts and work to support the children of our district who don’t have this incredible community in their corner. My time at Caleb and my prior experience have taught me how to be the kind of leader that our Sac City children need right now, and I am excited to take what I’ve learned and work toward supporting all of our schools to be places where all kids learn and thrive like they do at Caleb.

The board approval tonight marks the beginning of my transition to this new position and your transition to new leadership. Since my new position was just approved this evening, I do not yet have a specific timeline, however I do know that under the guidance of Instructional Assistant Superintendent, Mary Hardin Young, our staff and community will quickly begin the search for and selection of a new principal. Because I am moving to a vacant position that has urgent work ahead, this transition will happen fairly quickly, and an experienced interim principal will be assigned to support our community into the new school year while the selection process takes place. I will follow up with more details and plans as they become available.

I know this is an unsettling development, particularly as we are preparing to return to school after a year of distance learning and amidst our ongoing pandemic. But I want to assure you that, even with this transition, our Caleb staff is exceptionally prepared to bring our students back fully and to meet their unique and important needs as we return to school on September 2. We have spent years growing this program, and it’s far bigger than any one person. It’s our entire learning community – staff, students and families – that makes Caleb special, and I am confident that we will find a leader who is just right for this new moment and will continue to nurture this very special place and your incredible children.

If you haven’t yet, please take a moment to read Sac City’s latest eConnection which contains information about full in-person learning, independent study options, and public health guidelines. 

Our community has got this, 

-Mrs. Hanson