Concurrent Learning Schedule & Update
March 26, 2021


Good Afternoon, Caleb Families, 

I know you all have been anxiously awaiting news of our concurrent schedule and cohort assignments for your children. Our schedule has been finalized and is available on our here. You will receive notification of your child’s cohort assignment from the district on Monday, March 29. I am not able to accommodate requests to change cohorts, however if you’d like to switch either to or from full distance learning to in-person concurrent learning, please keep an eye out for a district form allowing you to make this request. 

Beginning on April 5, we will transition to our new schedule, which means students will be engaging in either synchronous or in-person learning from 8-11am daily. Small group support and asynchronous learning will now all take place after lunch each day. Students in K-3 assigned to Cohort B will be the first to return to campus on Thursday, April 8, with K-3 Cohort A returning on Tuesday, April 12, and our intermediate students joining us in their corresponding cohorts on April 15. 

As we transition in-person concurrent learning, it will be critical to check the weekly learning plans provided by your teacher for schedule updates and assignment expectations. For two days prior to their grade level return to in-person learning, teachers have been granted workdays during which students will engage in asynchronous instruction. This will be highlighted in your weekly learning plans. 

For students receiving Special Education services, all services will be provided asynchronously Monday, April 5 through Wednesday, April 7, with synchronous services resuming Thursday, April 8. 

Special Education services will be provided virtually as often as possible to allow all of our students to engage in-person instruction with their peers and classroom teacher. Parents of these children will directly hear from case managers about scheduling services when we return from break. 

As you prepare your child to return to in-person learning, I have a few recommendations. First, practice mask wearing. Everyone on campus, whether they are vaccinated or not, is expected to wear a mask at all times, even during outside play. They may remove them outside for snacks and water, but otherwise, they must remain on at all times, so start practicing now. Second, please make sure your child understands social distancing. We are placing markers for lines, and desks are six feet apart, but a good rule of thumb for safe distancing, even outside, is two arms’ length (my arm and your arm). Finally, please think about your morning routine and how you will adjust to get to school on time for your in-person learning days. School begins at 8:00am sharp, whether you are on campus or at home, so you’ll want to arrive in plenty of time to comfortably move through our health screening process and say goodbye to each other at the gates. 

I will hold a community meeting on Tuesday, April 6 at 6pm via Zoom to share information about our return to in-person concurrent learning. At that time, I will share details about health and safety, schedules, arrival and dismissal, recess, snack and lunch and our instructional model. The link to this meeting will be available on our website after the break. 

And with that, I wish you all a safe, relaxing and enjoyable spring break. Don’t expect to hear from us as we will be resting and replenishing our energy to welcome our kids back when we return. We can’t wait to see you all!

Principal Erin Hanson