Entering & Exiting – Please Read
From Interim Principal Chadwick


We are doing everything we can to make the first days of school run as smoothly as possible. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with protocols and procedures for entering and exiting campus. We will have extra staff support during the first days of school to help guide families and students. Although we are hoping for a smooth transition, please be patient as some delays may arise. 

Thank you for your continued support. We are excited to have students back on campus and can’t wait to see you all on Thursday, September 2nd!

Procedures for Entering and Exiting the Campus

Entering the Campus:

There will be no free play prior to the start of the day. Students will go directly to their designated lines to be escorted to their classrooms by their teachers. Temperature checks are no longer required, but all students must be checked at home. By entering the campus the family has acknowledged that this has been done. Breakfast is available for students at 7:30 until 7:50. Students wishing to eat will enter through the entrance by the cafeteria. Children will pick up breakfast and eat at tables set up outside adjacent the cafeteria.

-For Kinder and 1st grade students: Ms. Le’s class will enter through the Kindergarten classroom door by the front entrance to the school.

-For all other Kinder and 1st grade classrooms: Please enter through Gate B in front of the cafeteria off Carlson. Your child will be greeted by their teachers in the main courtyard. For Thursday and Friday only, Kinder and First Grade parents can escort their children to their designated lines. Please do not linger as that makes the transition more difficult.

-2nd and 3rd graders (without adults) enter through Gate C,  off Camellia.

-4th through 6th graders (without adults) enter through Gate E, off Callister, and walk to their lines.

*Tables will be set-up at each gate for collection of classroom supplies.*

Dismissal Procedures:

-For Kindergarteners: Ms. Le’s class will exit out her classroom door in the front of the school. Mrs. Cherry’s class will also exit out of Gate A through the front doors on Carlson. Mrs. Kitowski and Mrs. Jacobson will exit out of Gate F at the corner of Callister and Carlson.

-First Grade: Students will exit through Gate B by the front of the cafeteria.

-Second and Third Graders: Students will leave out of Gate C off Camellia.

-Fourth and Fifth Students: Students will exit through Gate E off Callister.

And finally, Sixth Graders will exit through Gate F on the corner of Callister and Carlson.

(Please see related campus map for gate locations (red) and designated classroom lines (green by room number))