Incoming Kinder FAQ’s


Enrollment for fall usually begins in January. 

Check SCUSD’s Enrollment Center page for updates in the new year.

Check our calendar for Kinder Tour Dates in January. 

SCUSD levels classrooms throughout the district after the first two weeks of school. In grade levels which are above capacity, enrollment dates will be assessed and students with newest enrollment date(s) will be transferred to a nearby school which has room in the overenrolled grade level for the remainder of the year. Students who have been concapped to another school will be able to to return to Caleb the following year. However, the concap process happens each year and is based solely on enrollment date, this means a student might be concapped multiple years in a row.

We are not currently participating in Open Enrollment, as such, you must reside within our attendance area to attend Caleb Greenwood.