A Message from our New PTSO President
June 3, 2021


Hey there,

I’m Mairead Reinhard, the newly elected Parent Teacher Staff Organization (PTSO) president and I’m writing to introduce myself and the PTSO board for this upcoming year.  My kids are Remy (rising first grader) and Gage (rising fourth grader). I chose to volunteer because I want to do my best to position our school for success and make sure that our students receive as much enrichment as possible.

In order to get a strong plan in place for the upcoming school year, some members of our board and committee chairs will begin planning this summer. We want to make sure that our community has clear opportunities to participate, contribute, and learn.

“What does the PTSO do?” We raise money for programs, activities, and staff support at Caleb Greenwood.  Financial support from the PTSO is critical to Caleb retaining our International Baccalaureate status.  For instance, our art and music programs are funded largely through the PTSO.  We also contribute to field trips, community events, and more.

“Who is in the PTSO”? You are already a member of the PTSO! There are no dues nor is there an application.  Please join one of our Zoom meetings!  The first one is September 8th at 6 pm.  There are many ways to contribute to Caleb through the PTSO that don’t involve serving on the board or committing to significant time or money.

“How can I get involved now”? You can reach out anytime to calebgreenwoodptso@gmail.com with opinions, questions, or whatever! I mean it!  This is the perfect time to get involved as we‘re just now organizing and gathering information for next year. We are here to strengthen our community and your opinion matters.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you,

Mairead Reinhard

2022 Volunteer PTSO Board

  • President – Mairead Reinhard
  • VP (1 year term) – Kristin Peer
  • Treasurer – Chris Schofield
  • Co-Treasurer – Vacant (know anyone who might be interested?)
  • Secretary – Ellen Tomson
  • Auditor – Lisa Epstein
  •  Member at Large – Jennifer Wade
  • Parliamentarian – Amy Pisarsky

Tentative PTSO Meeting Schedule

  • Wednesday, September 8, 6:00 pm – PTSO Meeting (Zoom)
  • Wednesday, September 15, 5:30 pm – PTSO Meeting & Back to School Night (TBD)
  • Wednesday, October 6, 6:00 pm – PTSO Board Meeting (Zoom)
  • Wednesday, November 3, 6:00 pm – PTSO Board Meeting (Zoom)
  • Wednesday, December 1, 6:00 pm – PTSO Board Meeting (Zoom)
  • Wednesday, January 5, 6:00 pm – PTSO Board Meeting (Zoom)
  • Wednesday, February 9, 6:00 pm – PTSO Board Meeting (Zoom)
  • Wednesday, March 2, 6:00 pm – PTSO Board Meeting (Zoom)
  • Wednesday, April 6, 6:00 pm – PTSO Board Meeting (Zoom)
  • Wednesday, May 4: 6:00 pm – PTSO Board Meeting (Zoom)
  • Wednesday, May 25: PTSO Meeting & Open House (TBD)
  • Wednesday, June 1: 6:00 pm – PTSO Board Meeting (Zoom)