November 1, 2020: Update from Mrs. Hanson


Good evening, Caleb families! I hope you all enjoyed Halloween while also staying safe, warm, and covid-free. This week’s Cougar Video Message and IB PYP Newsletter are up on our website. Last week, Mrs. Cordero revealed our new IB unit, Sharing the Planet and central idea, our relationship with the natural world impacts our planet. In this week’s newsletter, we have a single-use plastic challenge for families, complete with specific steps and resources to help reduce your reliance on single-use plastics. 

This month, we’re focusing on the IB Attribute Inquirer and taking action through Participation. The week ahead, with our presidential and local elections, gives us the perfect chance to talk with our families about the relationship between being an IB Inquirer (so being curious about our country’s democratic voting process and current ballot issues) and taking action by participating in that process. While our kids can’t yet vote, it is never too early to talk about how our government works and the critical role everyday citizens play in decision-making. It’s also an important time to talk about our rights and responsibilities as voters, the negative effects of voter suppression on our marginalized communities, and how important it is to both respect and value the differing opinions of others. We have some great resources in our Vote! Virtual Library

In case you didn’t notice, the time changed last night. Be sure to set those clocks that didn’t change themselves so everyone is ready for Zoom at 8am tomorrow morning! 

Let’s have a great week! 

Principal Erin Hanson