Weekly Cougar Update
May 16, 2021


Good Evening, Caleb Families,

I’ve got lots of info this evening, so please take a few minutes to listen to or read this message in its entirety. 

Last week, our district announced its intent to collapse in-person cohorts to allow some elementary students to attend school four days per week in person. At Caleb, close to 90% of our students are attending in person, which means our A/B cohorts are nearly full, making it impossible for us to expand in-person learning to four days per week. All students will continue to attend in-person two days per week, either Tuesday and Wednesday or Thursday and Friday based on their assigned cohort. If your child is still attending school via full distance learning and you’d like to switch to in-person learning two days per week, please reach out to your child’s teacher or me and we will make that happen. We’d love to have as many of our Cougars on campus as possible! 

I’ve received a number of inquiries recently about the fall and would like to share a few pieces of information with you. On May 6, the Sac City School Board voted on a resolution to affirm their commitment to return to traditional, in-person instruction for five full days per week when school resumes in the fall. You can find that resolution here. While we are still obligated to  follow public health and district safety requirements, this commitment is good news for our children and families and means that we have begun preparing for full-time return in the fall. At Caleb, this means we are planning and preparing for staffing, classes, classrooms, instruction of essential standards, supports and interventions for unfinished learning, enrichment and the full implementation of our IB Primary Years Program. We can’t wait to welcome all of our Cougars back, but if you do not intend to return in the fall, please send me an email as soon as possible to share this very important information. We continue to have families waiting for spots, so your timely communication regarding your intentions is critical to others and me as I guide our staff in planning for next year. 

And speaking of planning for next year, please help us turn our school library into the Caleb Action Center! As we prepare for the day when our students are back at school working together, your donation will help us build a space where kids and adults will learn, think, inquire, reflect, play, build, create and take action to create a better, more peaceful world. The Caleb Action Center will move our IB program forward and is vital for our school’s next certification. Check out Mrs. Cordero’s vision board and donate towards various items, from books to technology to outdoor learning tools, at calebgreenwoodfundraiser.org. A generous donor is matching the first $1,000 of donations, so your gift this week will go twice as far!

Sac City has also announced summer school on a limited basis to children most in need. While Caleb has not been identified as a campus that will offer summer school, Caleb families may submit an application to attend summer school at nearby campuses. Apply here by Friday, May 28. 

Please remember you can stop by campus tomorrow, 11am-1pm, to pick up breakfasts and lunches for distance learning days. 

We’ve got this, Cougars! Set your alarms, get a good night’s sleep, eat a healthy breakfast, come to school and Zoom prepared and on time, and remember to WEAR A CLEAN MASK to school each day. As a side note, even though the CDC has stated that vaccinated individuals may go maskless indoors, all staff, students and visitors are still required to wear masks, both inside and outside at school. 

We can’t wait to see you this week! 

-Mrs. Hanson