Weekly Cougar Update
January 24, 2021


Good evening, Caleb families! 

Cougars, this will be an exciting week because Caleb Greenwood’s virtual MOVE-A-THON starts tomorrow!  All Caleb Cougars are challenged to move for at least 15 minutes each day this week, and continue to work to collect pledges to support the Caleb Greenwood PTSO.  By now you should have received an email from 99 Pledges with a personalized link for your child to collect pledges from family and friends near and far. Sending the 99 Pledges link is a quick, easy and safe way to gather pledges remotely.  If for some reason you did not receive an email with a personalized link for your child, please look at the Caleb Greenwood website or Facebook page to find a link to the fundraiser.  This link can also be sent to your family and friends to collect Move-A-Thon pledges.

Make sure to sign up for the Caleb PE Fun Google Classroom (code: bqs5z27).  In case you’ve forgotten how to add a Google Classroom, just log into your child’s Google Classroom, click on the plus sign to add a class and enter the code.  Once there, you will see the Bingo card for your Cougar to fill out.  Each Bingo square has a different activity your child can choose from to move for at least 15 minutes a day each day this week.  The Google Classroom also has some fun videos prepared for our kids by local yoga, dance and martial arts studios.

The PTSO encourages all families to participate in this fundraiser, not only because it will be a fun way for the kids to move their bodies and stay connected to our community, but also because the PTSO needs your help. Since we began distance learning, fundraisers have been more difficult to organize. These fundraisers are what support the programs that make Caleb so special, like music, Spanish, IB enrichment and the library.

Also don’t forget that there will be exciting prizes for top-earning Cougars, including a NEW BIKE and a $175 Fleet Feet gift card, raffle drawings for all kids who participate and class prizes.  Finally, everyone can look forward to a virtual DANCE PARTY with DJ Char and me if 75% of our Cougars return completed bingo cards to the Caleb PE Fun Google Classroom at the end of January! Take a look at the Caleb website for more information and a list of our amazing sponsors.

Check out our IB PYP Google Classrooms this week. There you’ll find all kinds of new additions to our How the World Works Virtual Bulletin Board, including more Rube Goldberg machines submitted by students, virtual read alongs, videos and Kahoot videos about technology and inventions. 

And lastly, please watch this week’s Cougar Video Message and read this week’s IB PYP Newsletter, both of which are available on our website. Of particular note in our IB PYP Google Classroom is the Virtual Bulletin Board where you’ll find this unit’s theme and central idea, virtual libraries with fun read alouds, and videos of Rube Goldberg machines made by our very own Caleb Cougars. 

Let’s get moving, Cougars! 

Principal Erin Hanson