Weekly Cougar Update
March 21, 2021


Good Afternoon, Caleb Families, 

In the wee hours of Saturday morning, district and labor leaders reached an agreement to reopen schools for in-person learning after Spring Break. I’ll share as much information as I can with you today and throughout this week, but I’m also asking you to please exercise patience while Caleb staff and I work to finalize campus readiness and create cohorts, schedules and procedures in alignment with district health, safety and return guidelines.

As you can imagine creating cohorts and managing schedules is ga complex process. As such, we are not able to honor individual requests for cohort placement and will rely on the district’s process to ensures siblings and children in the same household are placed together across segments and sites. We are excited to bring each and every one of our students back to school and we have a lot of work and learning to do to make it happen. We are going to be extra busy this week, so please carefully read and consider all information provided below before reaching out to your teachers and me with specific questions. 

Return to Learn Timeline

Concurrent Learning (both in-person and distance): All students will engage in Distance Learning on Mondays, and students electing to remain in full Distance Learning will do so Monday-Friday. Students who elected to return in person, will do so in small cohorts, with Cohort A attending in-person Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and Cohort B attending in-person Thursdays and Fridays. Please watch this video to see what to expect from Concurrent Learning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXqye9v1ImE 

  • March 25: Schedules Released
  • To Be Announced: Cohort Notification 
  • April 6: Caleb Community Meeting via Zoom to discuss in-person/concurrent details 
  • April 8: eK-3rd Students Return
  • April 15: 4th-6th Students Return 
  • April 22: 7th-12th Students Return 

*For families that did not submit their decision for In-Person or Distance Learning last week, your students will be automatically enrolled in the In-Person/ Concurrent Learning model and will be notified of cohort placement shortly. Some families may need an opportunity to provide additional information or to modify their decisions. Please look out for a form in the upcoming days to communicate this information. 

Annual Culture & Climate Survey  

Please take a few moments to give us your feedback about school climate and culture: Annual School Climate Survey

How We Express Ourselves & Caring Social Justice 

In this week’s IB PYP Newsletter, you’ll see that we are concluding our How We Express Ourselves school-wide PYP unit, as well as our focus on Caring Social Justice, by asking our community to create 1,000 paper cranes. Paper cranes have become a symbol of hope and healing during challenging times. It is believed that if one folded 1,000 origami cranes, one’s wish would come true. Let’s wish for hope, peace, and an end to violence and racism against people of Asian descent amid the coronavirus pandemic, as well as all communities continually impacted by hate and racism. Please pick up origami paper at the school, or use your own paper, to create paper cranes. After, drop them off in a specially-marked box in front of the school or send a picture of your collection of cranes to kelly-cordero@scusd.edu. You can also drop off signs and messages too. We will string the cranes, photos, signs, and messages up at school to show our support of communities being consistently impacted by hate and racism.

Please Note 

  • Teachers are conducting parent-teacher conferences this week, so you’ll want to double-check your weekly learning plans for any schedule changes
  • Next week, March 29-April 2, is Spring Break
  • Be sure to check out this week’s Cougar Video Message when it’s available Monday morning. 

We’ve got this, Cougars… let’s have a great week! 

Principal Erin Hanson