Free & Voluntary On-Site COVID-19 Testing


Click here to register your child for free and voluntary on-site COVID-19 testing at Caleb Greenwood. 

SCUSD is pleased to offer free and voluntary COVID-19 screening testing for all students and staff. Parent/guardian consent is required to provide testing to students under 18 years old. Consent is given when registering your child for the testing program. 

Click for a parent information letter in English or Spanish

Screening testing will be conducted every week ONLY for registered students. A Health Aide assigned to Caleb Greenwood will conduct the testing in alignment with safety, health and district guidelines during your child’s in-person school day. Please carefully read the attached letter before reaching out to our front office with questions. 

  • Only students enrolled at Caleb are to be tested on site.
  • Parents and siblings of enrolled Caleb students can be tested but have to go to the Serna Center or Albert Einstein Middle School for testing.
    • The Serna Center is open M-Th from 10am-4pm, Fri 10am-3pm.
    • Albert Einstein Middle School testing is open Mon-Fri from 4pm-7pm.
  • For students that have symptoms, please go to the Serna center for testing. NOT the Caleb on campus site (to reduce exposure and spread if the symptomatic child indeed does have COVID).
  • For exposure testing (i.e. a student has been in close contact with another student who has tested positive for COVID, but is asymptomatic and was only exposed) you can bring the student to Caleb for testing.
  • To register a family member of a Caleb student (i.e., a parent or sibling or another member living in your household) to be tested go to the primary site link below and register the person under “student.” The staff at the Serna Center will change this in the system upon your arrival.
  • When tested at the Serna Center, they will complete both a PCR and Antigen test at the same time. You cannot opt out of either test – they must conduct both at the same time. PCR testing results take 24-48 hours, antigen test results take 15 minutes to get a result, but the results may not be posted in the system for up to 2 hours due to the time it takes to enter it and the volume of people going there for testing.